The new hyperlink of your existing license

It's simple to change your current hyperlink to the one that will level up your license. Simply add "levelup.php?id=#" and substitute "#" with your License ID number.

For example, if your license id number is 0, then the address you link to should be "".

Level up boost!

We do appreciate and thank people who have registered before we got the level system up and running. ^_^ That's why we will provide a 5 level boost to the first 100 people that registered (excluding Shiiku and me, Link-NM). Registered after that? You get a 3 level boost if your card id is less than 203. Everyone after that gets a 1 level boost.

Level up frequency

To not make it harsh but also avoid abuse, you'll need to wait an hour before being able to level up a specific license again.

Top level cards list

Some sort of top 10 cards or something around that will be available sometime soon.

License doesn't seem to level up | Cache issue fix

Be assured that the license did level up, it's just a cache issue. Also, this issue should only be present if you were using the old license URL. We're testing a fix atm that seems to be working well so far. Simply change the path to your license. Instead of using "" where "#" is your license id, use the following URL now: "" .